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The 1st wooden toys

From Egypt to the Industrial Revolution

Wooden toys are almost as old as mankind. Since the dawn of mankind, they have accompanied children and helped them to develop

The first toys were made from natural materials such as wood, stone and grass. Archaeologists have discovered wooden pull toys in Egypt that date back about 4000 years.

In the Middle Ages, wooden puppets were very popular and in the 16th century wooden dolls were still very popular. At the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of children had few toys. The poorest had no choice but to make their own toys.

The wooden ancients toys

from the industrial era to today

The big break came with the industrial revolution. New materials appeared, and very quickly plastic and electronic toys replaced the wooden games and toys that our ancestors had passed on from generation to generation.

In spite of this, the wooden toy has survived, and for the last twenty years it has been gradually regaining the hearts of children and parents. It remains irreplaceable, no other material can bring this little extra that wood brings.

Our space dedicated to wooden toys includes nearly a thousand pieces.
You can marvel at the joys of your childhood.
Some are very old, others are more modern.

And what a pleasure to be able to sit on our old school benches that many of us have known !

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the wooden ancients toys

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