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The museum of woodworking and heritage of Labaroche would not exist without the total commitment of several volunteers.


It all began during a “wood reception *”, Georges Claudepierre and Gaby Locicero proposed the creation in Labaroche, of a space dedicated to the forest heritage. This theme was chosen because of the attachment of the inhabitants to their forest, which provided, until after the war, the income necessary for their survival (agriculture, on this plateau whipped by the winds, did not feed a family or did so poorly). All see the opportunity to develop a center of activitý with animations, dynamizing the village, which tends to become a dormitory village.

Several studies are carried out concerning the feasibilitý and the viabilitý of the project. It emerges that the idea is interesting.

A call for volunteers to participate in this operation is conducted́ and a Committeé is set up.

* meeting during which, foresters, lumberjacks, municipal elected officials receive the batches of wood that will be put up for sale at a public auction.


The Commune of Labaroche joins the project and the volunteers go in search of the materials, whether they are machines, tools related to woodworking or even workshops of clogging, carpentry, sharpening and others. The machines have to be dismantled, the parts have to be numbered in order to be reassembled, the parts have to be stored and classified…
All this work is done by volunteers. Forty-seven thousand (47,000) hours of work will be necessary in ten years.
The steps for the acquisition of the land for the establishment of the museum are carried out by the municipality.
The constitution of the files for obtaining subsidies is carried out. This work will last several years


The work pays off, the subsidies are granted, the land acquired, the work can begin.


360m3 of wood from the communal forest are needed to build the building. This work is done by local companies.
As soon as it is possible, the machines are put back inside the building. Patience is required and necessary.


Work begins on the park around the museum


The Haut-fer saw, the first machine installed with the steam engine, is put into operation.
Pleasure and emotion are there.

Inauguration and opening of the museum to the public. The dream of all the volunteers finally becomes reality


About 70 people are currently active in the Labaroche wood museum.

The museum is constantly evolving, new equipment is regularly put in place on certain scenes. The training of the guides is updated over time. There are currently about 20 of them, all passionate and happy to do their voluntary work.

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